Get My Look: The Shorty Awards 2017

Chris Klemens

The 9th annual Shorty Awards were last Sunday (April 23), and I had the opportunity of going for my third year.

This year was a lot different for a few reasons. First of all, I was NOMINATED for YouTube Comedian of the Year, and even though I didn't come close to winning, to be the size that I am and have that kind of honor is inspiring, motivating, and humbling. Second, this year's award ceremony consisted of a fancy ass dinner. Third of all, instead of going for the classic black-tie look, I wanted to go for more of a casual, yet polished look and definitely wanted to share it. I will add more photos to this post once they get developed.

The Outfit

A little backstory behind this outfit: I was in Philly from Friday to noon on Sunday of the awards and totally banked on buying my outfit in Philly. I couldn't find anything so I had 2 hours before I had to be at the carpet to find an entire outfit. I went to Dover Street Market and Opening Ceremony (again), both having no luck finding anything. I then of course went to Topman as my last resort because they are dependable. With the exception of the shoes, socks, and underwear, I found the entire outfit there.

As I said earlier, I wanted something that was casual, yet polished. These cropped pants with the white stripe down the side are my ideal pants because they look dressy but are also comfortable and casual at the same time. They are great to either show some ankle or sock action, so I went with black socks to keep the all black consistent (I'm currently loving having my plain socks show between my pant and shoes). This zip-up jacket was exactly what I was looking for and was great because it had pockets. I zipped it all the way up to make the look feel more thought-though and complete. Lastly, I paired these Reebok shoes with the whole look, and while I hate when people wear sneakers with suits and fancy clothes on the carpet, I love that they almost feel perfect for this look because the rest of the look isn't black tie.