The Best Brunch in NYC

My favorite places to fill my stomach and my Camera Roll.

Chris Klemens

In New York City, brunch is a part-time hobby and a part-time competition, especially on Sunday. I always struggle trying to remember places I love going to get brunch at, so I thought long and hard about my favorite spots. This list consists of my go-to brunch spots that are both priced nicely and have a great atmosphere.

I will be updating this frequently as I try new places, so always check it if you're coming to town!

After living in the East Village for a few years, Cafe Orlin is a very frequent brunch spot. Like a lot of really great brunch spots, this place can get packed quickly due to its incredible food and outdoor seating (when the weather is nice obviously). It is also pretty affordable for brunch, which is a plus. Their Huevos Rancheros, Eggs Benedict, and Pumpkin pancakes are my go-to menu items, sometimes all three at once depending on the hangover.

Located in Soho/NoLita, Two Hands is not only the epitome of aesthetic goals, but it is also a super cute and small place to get breakfast, brunch, or a midday meal or snack. It is super hard to miss if you're walking to it, but once you are inside, the interior will keep you entranced. The cloud lights make it such a magical place, and the food makes it even more magical. It's reasonably priced, and they avocado toast with egg is beyond filling! I take so many friends here when they're in town because its super unique and super delicious.

Jack's Wife Freda, with a location in the West Village and one in SoHo, is the place to go if you're looking for a crazy good meal that won't completely kill your wallet. While it can be seen as a breakfast or brunch place, there are dishes that can serve as dinners (or you can just eat breakfast for dinner because life is short). I love the Eggs Benny, which is two poached eggs over a potato pancake, smoked salmon, and beet hollandaise. It's incredible. If you go here, you MUST GET the Malva Pudding, which is a South African dessert. I actually froze wide-eyed because of how good this was.

The amount of times I have gone to The Grey Dog hungover is outrageous. A really nice thing about Grey Dog is that they have multiple locations, such as one in SoHo, Greenwich Village, and West Village. Their brunch is absolutely incredible – I get the Grey Dog breakfast and it's everything and more. They have a lot of other menu items, too, if you don't go around breakfast/brunch time. They have a wide selection of sandwiches and salads, all of which are phenomenal. It can be loud at brunch times, but otherwise, I don't remember it being crazy loud. The staff is always really cool, and it has a fun feel inside. If you are looking to go for brunch: be warned...the line can get very long so go kinda early.

There are a few locations of The Smith throughout the city, and their brunch is AMAZING. It is pricier than, say, The Grey Dog, but I feel that it is worth it. I have never left The Smith unsatisfied. Similar to a lot of these on the list, the wait can get a little crazy (esp. for Sunday brunch) because it is such a brunch hotspot, but if you're able to get in there, DO IT! I am a huge fan of their avocado toast with a poached egg, their mac & cheese, and their french toast. You really can't go wrong with any of those.

If you have some brunch spots in NYC you love and that I should try, let me know!