March 2017 Favorites

Chris Klemens

March felt like the longest month of my life, but I did find a few new favorite things.

Between clothing, apps, music, and more, I found a lot of really great things this month that I want to share. I will add links so you, too, can fall in love with these products.


If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen them already because I am absolutely obsessed with these shoes. To be honest, I was really hoping to get the Yeezy Powerphase shoes, and of course, took a huge L. I then found the Reebok sneakers for cheaper, and they're so comfortable. I think for a basic, white shoe to be both stylish and comfortable, this is the one. PS - I have an outfit post coming to ya soon featuring these and how I styled them.


I did a whole post about this skincare brand, and this is one of my absolute favorites from the brand. As I mentioned in the post, an issue and insecurity I have are the bagginess and dark circles around my eyes. This not only takes care of my eye areas looking tired and fatigued, but it also makes me feel so confident when I use it because it actually works. Another thing I love about this is that even though it's $52, a little goes a long way with this, causing it to last for a good amount of time.


I may have mentioned these jeans before, but I am telling you that they are the real deal. I know some people may roll their eyes at American Eagle as a brand, but their jeans (and low-ride socks and underwear) are some of my favorite. I bought them previously distressed, but I recently ripped all of the string out to make the holes open with fringe hanging off. I think it is such a dope look. I also bought a pair of their black jeans to do the same and love it in black.

4. Lenny & Larry's THE COMPLETE COOKIE

My friend introduced me to these cookies, and they are semi-life changing for someone like me who is trying to cut out shitty food. These cookies are vegan, non-GMO, no dairy, gluten free, etc., and they have 16 grams of protein in them. While they do have more sugar than I'd like and are 400 calories, I like to lie to myself and think that they are healthier than eating an actual cookie. They taste pretty good, too, and if you put it in the oven or microwave for a few seconds, they're even better. I highly recommend the Poppy Lemon, Snickerdoodle, and Peanut Butter flavors.


This television show on HBO is a must see. I wrote about my love for this show in a previous post called "10 TV Shows You Need to Watch This Spring", but if you didn't read that post, I am not typically one for dramas. However! The acting across the board is incredible, especially in scenes with just Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon...completely impeccable. The music is not only cohesive but also just incredibly well-picked and beautiful. The storyline felt hard to follow at first, but having seen the finale, I can now say that I wouldn't have wanted the show to be any other way. I feel like a broken record, but go watch this show ASAP. It's just damn good (and the finale is beyond satisfying).

6. 7 Little Words

I am fully aware that this is a sign that I am becoming decrepit and old, but I have really gotten into "brain games" on my iPhone. I got this app a while ago but recently re-downloaded it, and I forgot how much I love this game. The best way for me to describe what this is is by saying that it's like a crossword puzzle without filling in the crossword and a word search mixed in one. There are new daily puzzles, as well as different categories you can go and buy levels in. The game is free to download and play, and if you like games that require thinking, this might be your new favorite.

Is there anything you have been obsessed with in March? Let me know on Twitter, and also let me know if you try any of these!