The Best Coffee Spots in NYC

My go-to places when I need the shakes and the shits.

Chris Klemens

1. La Colombe

If you live in the city, La Colombe is such an obvious place to go if you want a good cup of coffee and a strong cup of coffee. This stuff is no joke. I have never heard of someone who didn't like La Colombe. They have a few locations in the city (mostly downtown) and if you're gonna grab a bite to eat there, I highly recommend the almond croissant or the olive oil cake.

2. Chalait

This might be one of my favorite coffee spots ever. I rarely go because it isn't super convenient for me but I still can't get over how chill and beautiful it is in here. I would seriously want to live here. The coffee is absolutely incredible, and their matcha is on a different level. I very much recommend this West Village spot.

3. Everyman Espresso

The first time I went to Everyman Espresso was in Soho for the job interview. I loved the environment and the coffee is really great, as well as the staff being super friendly and sweet!

4. Happy Bones

Happy Bones has incredibly good coffee. While it is super tiny inside and seating is very limited, this place is beyond aesthetically pleasing. With a nice skylight and white painted bricks, your Instagram of your coffee will look so good. It is very much a trendy, NYC coffee place.

5. Third Rail Coffee

Third Rail coffee is another solid choice. I know they have a few locations through the city, again most of them being downtown. It is a great place to do work or meet friends to catch up and chat. They also have a few pastries, such as their homemade poptarts, which I highly recommend.

6. Kaffe 1668

My friend, Lo, actually just told me about this place recently. Located on the beautiful Greenwich St. in Tribeca, this dimly-lit cafe has food, coffee, tea, and more! There is quite a bit of seating, and as you walk in, you are greeted by walls of little fluffy sheep. Overall, a super cute place with really good coffee.

7. Cha Cha Matcha

You have probably seen this place ALL over Instagram and Pinterest. They are known for their matcha (obviously), but they also have coffee. Cha Cha Matcha is such a trendy and cool place and definitely caters to a younger crowd. You can get matcha, coffee, matcha soft serve, and more. I highly recommend Cha Cha Matcha. Note: they are credit card only.