Q&A: Living in NYC

Chris Klemens

I get asked all the time what it's like living in New York City, and then I realized, "WOAH! WHAT A PERFECT POST IDEA"!!

So, here we are, friends. I asked you guys on my Twitter (if you aren't following me, ummmm lets change that?) to ask me any and all questions regarding living in NYC, and you guys came through.

If you guys like Q&A's like this, let me know!

How did you choose NYC to be your new home?

I grew up in Newark, Delaware, which is very slow, rural, and just total opposite of a big city. I was so ready to move somewhere bigger and fast paced, and growing up, I went to NY pretty often for the day since my Nana and Gramps lived super close. I was really drawn to the beauty and life of the city. It's hard not to be absolutely entranced by it, and because of this, I knew that this was the place for me.

What is the worst part about living in the city?

The city offers a ton of great things, but there are also downsides to living here. To start, everything is so goddamn expensive, especially rent. My least favorite thing, hands down, is how high the rent is and how little space you get for it. If I think about it long enough, I will get very angry, so next question!

Where is your favorite place to spend time?

When the weather is nice, I love spending time outside (which is the most vague answer ever, I know). But seriously, there is nothing better than just walking around in nice weather and occasionally popping into stores or museums. I also love a good rooftop. That is probably my favorite place to spend time because it's so humbling; you realize there is a whole city around you and I don't know – I just get very thoughtful, a feeling of which I really like.

How much does it cost monthly?

I touched on this in previous question, but its FUCKING EXPENSIVE! *breaks something* Okay all better. Rent in Manhattan is quite expensive. A studio around 400-500 square feet can range from around $1,700 – $2,000 a month. Of course, there are more affordable spots in NYC such as parts of Brooklyn or Harlem. In terms of social life, it is also expensive. Going out at night can cost quite a bit between transportation, alcohol, food for when you've had too much alcohol, etc. It has definitely taught me to be more conscious of my spending, which is a very good thing to know. I know, such an adult answer.

What is your favorite thing about living in New York City?

This might be an obvious answer but I love that each day brings something new and no two days are really ever the same, even when I have the same routine. I take the same walk to work every morning, yet each day, I notice different things and smell different smells, which are often various levels of rotting garbage or dog shit but hey!! It's the concrete jungle where dreams are made!!!!

Why do you live in New York and not LA?

Ahhhh I was waiting for this infamous question. Ideally, I would like to be bicoastal where I work a little in LA but am primarily based in NYC. I love visiting LA, but it is just so fake and the work ethic/vibe between NYC and LA is unparalleled in my opinion. In NY, no one gives a shit who you are or who you know. Everyone here (of course, for the most part) has worked to get to where they are. That's an environment you don't see every day and one I need to be in because it motivates me to work hard and be better. That isn't any shade or a diss to anyone who lives in LA because yes, of course, there are incredibly hard working and talented people there; this is just how I personally feel when it comes to the living in NY or LA question, so BACK OFF!

How far away do you live from grocery stores?

For some reason, everyone and their mother thinks it's a huge struggle for New Yorkers to buy groceries? It's actually so easy. There are SO many grocery stores in the city, and if there isn't one near your apartment, there is definitely a bodega (a small grocery store) on pretty much every block. There are also a ton of grocery delivery services like Fresh Direct, where you can order what you want online, and they deliver it to your apartment (#notsponsored). Getting food in NYC is the easiest thing possible...I mean, look at my always-growing body.

GUYS!!! This was so fun! Thanks to everyone who tweeted me questions...I will definitely be doing this again about other topics.

What other topics should I do this about? Let me know! x