NYFW 2017: Red Hot

Chris Klemens

With every passing year, NYFW is both exciting and inspiring, but it is also kind of a hot mess.

I love going to New York Fashion Week (NYFW) shows to inspire my creativity and work ethic. However, it has become more and more of a costume party and social media competition in my eyes, but I still enjoy going when I can to wear an outfit I would actually wear in my day to day life and see some new fashion.

My friend and fellow blogger, Emily June, invited me to see the Georgine show on Saturday night, and it was an amazing show with some really solid concepts and pieces (the jackets are on another level). 

My Look

I really wanted my look to be representative of something I would wear on a day-to-day basis but also was a little more "out there". I actually wore this exact outfit before and posted it on my Snapchat, only for it to get SO many compliments, so I thought this would be a great time to actually put it to good use. 

I have really gotten into the color red recently, and it is kind of apparent in my outfit. I have this oversized Vetements bomber jacket that kept me so warm in the tundra that is NYC weather right now. I paired this with a black Thrasher flames t-shirt and some ripped light denim jeans from American Eagle. I know American Eagle seems really random, but they have incredible jeans that are comfortable, affordable, and that fit well. I cut the bottoms of these jeans for a more distressed look and then wore tall white Adidas socks and low riding vans. To tie the whole look off, I wore my yellow aviators and Yeezy Season 1 backpack.

I am so happy with how this look turned out because a year ago, I would've been afraid to wear something like this, and it's just really cool to watch yourself take risks and progress and grow. I have made this whole look shoppable, so if you wanna steal this look, get on it!