Easy Like Sunday Morning

Chris Klemens

Sunday mornings, done right, are the absolute best.

My perfect Sunday morning consists of waking up mid-morning after a solid amount of sleep and just slowly getting into my morning. My north-facing apartment in the morning is beautiful when it's overcast and makes waking up like something out of a weird rom-com starring Ashton Kutcher. Later in the day, I love walking around and popping into different stores, wearing something put-together but also comfortable looking. I fully realize that I probably sound like Gwyneth Paltrow, but I enjoy wearing a relaxed look that feels like Sunday.

This look is inspired by these ideal Sundays that I love. 

I was in Urban Outfitters last weekend with a nice coffee and found this entire outfit there. A lot of brands that were huge in the 90's are making a huge comeback, Champion being one of them. I love Champion hoodies and sweatshirts not because of the name but because of how they're cut and built. They have a thin side panel on the side of ribbed material and it prevents sweatshirts from looking super round and marshmallow-y. So, when I found this Champion mustard crewneck sweatshirt, I was so excited because I have gotten so into colors lately, yellow being one of them.

The jeans, on the other hand, were quite the decision to make. I have seen jeans like this before and was always wanting to get on board but didn't fully like any of them...until now. I saw these BDG Colorblocked Straight Cropped Jeans and knew they were the ones I've wanted but wasn't sure about the fit. I love the crop and the light wash on them, and I think they bring this whole outfit together. I then threw on my Adidas Extended Crew socks and wear my Adidas Adilette slides as slippers, which are made with basically memory foam and are the most comfortable shoes ever.

The level of comfort and style this outfit gives makes it such a solid Sunday ensemble if you're having a relaxed end to your weekend. Of course, most weekends, I am knee deep in sweatpants, but sometimes, it's nice to dress up (beyond sweats) and feel good.