A Supreme Situation

Chris Klemens

I recently got a jacket from Supreme with the intention of selling it.

When it came, though, I was obsessed with it and decided to keep it. While the red and green color combo definitely gives a nod to Christmas, these two colors together are so hot right now, probably thanks to Gucci. With a jacket like this, it is very easy to go too far with an outfit.

My style can be very simple, so a jacket like this is more of a statement piece than an everyday jacket, although I have been wearing it quite a bit. Because Supreme drops new clothes each week, this jacket isn't available anymore, but I am sure you can find it on eBay or Grailed, but be aware of the resell price! Fun fact: this jacket was the fastest selling item the week I got it (sold out in 51 seconds), so I feel pretty proud of the W that I brought home that day.

For this outfit, though, I decided to pair this with black FRAME denim jeans, a plain H&M white tee, and my favorite Reebok sneakers, which are insanely comfortable. 

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