How To Deal With Anxiety

Advice from one anxious fuck to another.

Chris Klemens

Anxiety is a real pain in the ass...and everywhere else in your body.

As someone with anxiety who is always on the go, it can be very overwhelming at times. Even if I am just sitting around, it can be and feel like a lot, and sometimes, it can feel very alienating, like no one else understands what it is or how it feels. For those lucky enough to not have anxiety, anxiety feels like your heart has never beat faster and that all the oxygen in the world is meant for everyone but you. 

However, if there's anything I've learned by having anxiety, it is that you're not alone and it's manageable. These are things I do personally to try and keep my anxiety under control.


With anxiety, it can feel hard to breathe sometimes, but you have to remember to take deep breaths. I personally like to deeply inhale for 5 seconds and deeply exhale for 5 seconds until I feel the anxiety settle down.

2. Get Moving

When I am anxious, exercise is a true gift. I know it's easier to sit on the couch or in bed, but exercising will help you feel good by releasing a chemical in your body called endorphins, which are known famously from the movie Legally Blonde to make you happy (and it's true). You don't have to do anything crazy, but just go for a short jog or bike ride.

3. Catch Some Z's

Sleep is incredibly important, overall. The difference between getting enough sleep and not is unparalleled. When stressed and anxious, your body needs more sleep, which isn't always easy. For me, when I've had an anxiety-filled day, going to bed earlier than I normally do is a no brainer because I'm usually exhausted by that point.

4. Cut the Caffeine 

If you have anxiety, you know exactly what it is like to have caffeine and anxiety at the same time. If you don't know, I truly wouldn't wish that near-heart attack feeling on anyone. Alcohol and caffeine are horrible things to consume when you are anxious, so instead, replace them with water to hydrate yourself.

5. Take Ten

I like to stop what I am doing and take ten minutes to do whatever I want, whether it's dance around my apartment while blasting music or going for a walk to the bodega (convenient store) on the corner. Those ten minutes may seem like nothing, but it's just enough time to take your mind off of everything and give yourself a very mini relaxation break.

6. Take Notes

When I get an anxiety attack, I make sure to stop, think about, and mentally note what it is that is causing this anxiety attack. I think about what I can do differently in the future so I can limit the amount of anxiety attacks I have.

7. Get Help

Getting professional help for things like anxiety, depression, etc. is not something to be shameful of. If anything, it is really cool when you know yourself enough to know you can't do it alone. I went to get help for my anxiety and depression, and it was the best decision I have ever made.

These are just my ways of coping with my anxiety, and everyone has a different way of dealing. Feel free to share this with anyone who just might need a little reminder to take a deep breath.