Oh So Steezy: Jaden Smith

People who embody style with ease.

Chris Klemens

Anything Jaden Smith touches turns to gold.

His effortless style and aesthetic are certainly no exception. Whether he is skateboarding, attending an award show, or simply boarding a goddamn airplane, Jaden Smith delivers without even blinking.

What I love about Jaden's style is that he gives no fucks when it comes to taking risks, and it pays off every time. I mean, what other human being can wear two different pairs of shoes and still look put-together? His style is by no means normal, and that's what draws me in more. It is somehow both consistent and surprising with every look he graces us with, and that's what fashion should be all about.

Of course, it helps that him and his sister, Willow, just so happen to be the coolest fucking people on the planet, but Jaden's drive to break down gender barriers with his style is admirable and to me, makes his style even better...and also makes me want to buy endless amounts of dresses.

Another aspect of Jaden's street style that I love is his art of layering, which is a very prominent part of his style. The way he mixes textures, patterns, and colors through layering creates a lot of the eye-catching looks we see Smith in.

What we can all take away from Jaden Smith's style is that we should all be taking more risks when getting dressed in the morning and caring less what people think about the way we dress. To me, that makes Jaden Smith oh so steezy.